Tripal Page Integration

Embedded JBrowse Instance

This guide will show you how to embed a JBrowse instance within your Tripal site for an existing JBrowse instance. This ensures a consistent user experience by making the menu system of the Tripal site available to the user while browsing. If the user needs more space they can choose the FullScreen option to remove the menus.


This requires you already have a JBrowse instance created through the Tripal JBrowse Management sub-module. For information on how to do this, see the associated Tripal JBrowse Management documentation.

This is the default functionality of the “Tripal-JBrowse Page Integration” module. If you have already created your JBrowse instances using the “Tripal Jbrowse Management” module then enabling this module automatically creates pages and menu items for those instances!


Exclude Specific JBrowse Instances

Sometimes you may want to manage a JBrowse Instance using “Tripal JBrowse Management” but not display it to users through “Tripal-JBrowse Page Integration”. For example, if you have just begun development and are not ready to release it. To do this, go to Administration Toolbar > Tripal > Extensions > Tripal JBrowse Management > Page Integration. Check the checkbox beside the instance you would like to exclude from menu items, lists and pages and click “Save Settings”.