Managing Instances

Listing and Creating Instances

To list all instances, visit Administration » Tripal » Extensions » Tripal JBrowse Management.


Creating Instances

As highlighted on the screenshot above, you can create new instances by clicking the “Create New Instance” link. This will create a new data directory based on the organism choosen. All instances created will use the same JBrowse installation, which makes it easier to update JBrowse.

Registering Existing Instances

You can also register existing JBrowse instances with this module. To do so 1. Create a symbolic link in your configured data directory where the name of the link matches the organism it is for: genus_species__common_name. 2. Click on “Register Existing Instance” as highlighted on the screenshot above. 3. Fill out the form to describe the existing JBrowse instance.


If you would like to move an existing instance to the JBrowse managed by this module permanently then copy the data directory rather then creating a symbolic link.

Deleting Instances

To delete an instance, you must first visit the instances list page and clicking the delete instance link.


The actual files for the instance are not deleted. You will need to delete all files manually.


If you accidentally delete an instance, you can use the “Register Existing Instance” process to re-register it with the system. All previously created tracks will no longer be able to be managed but you will be able to add new tracks, etc.